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New Chairman for The LaunchBox

Updated: May 17, 2021

What a whirlwind the first few months of 2021 have been. We always knew that starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic would be a challenge, but we did not quite predict how quickly our venture would take off. We are absolutely thrilled to be helping clients to transform their business and marketing activities to drive engagement and income and being able to demonstrate successes in quick order; but that is only the start of the journey.

As we grow, we know that we need to take the time to regularly review our strategy to make sure we continually deliver the best for our clients and ourselves. Any business owner will tell you that it’s important you stay focused, to not stretch yourself too thinly and that if possible, the work should both sustain and excite you.

In order to support this continued focus, we are very proud to be able to announce that we have appointed a new Chairman to support us and to keep us agile. Tony Barry, MBE, joined us at the beginning of May and is already having a positive impact on our future thinking. Tony has had an exceptional career working as CEO / MD for large organisations and government departments and supporting business transformations and start-ups. Tony was awarded the MBE for services to the government during the first Gulf War and has seen many business challenges across different sectors in his years since. We are incredibly proud that he has agreed to be our “critical friend”, to check and challenge us and help us to navigate the opportunities and continue to grow The LaunchBox in a sustainable and positive way.

It is incredibly important to devote time to review and evolve your business strategy. Very quickly Tony helped us to identify a number of strong opportunities that might have taken us much longer to realise or even eluded us without his expertise, as we were all so busy “doing the day job”. It really highlights the need for all businesses to continually review their business plan and to update it if circumstances or the landscape changes.

Tony says: “ I am delighted to have been asked to support The LaunchBox team in their new venture. They have a really exciting business proposition, and I will be aiming to bring practical ideas and experience to help the business grow. All start-ups are demanding, but I have been very impressed by the skills of the team, and their commitment and determination to succeed. I am sure that this business has an extremely bright future”

We are so excited about our future and with Tony on board we know that we will stay focused on the activity that really matters and will continue to achieve the best outcomes for our business and our wonderful clients. If you get an opportunity to work with your own “critical friend”; someone who understands your ambitions and challenges, and who will constructively question you and keep you focused on the key issues, we urge you to take it. Working with Tony is immensely thought provoking and constructive; and bringing him into the business is one decision on which we are all perfectly aligned.

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