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“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” – TS Eliot

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I love this phrase. It means that we have so many opportunities to refine and improve our existence throughout our life. We get to choose our mindset and how we respond to the world around us. We all know that is has been a dreadful 12 months for everyone; and some have been devastating loss of loved ones and others have lost jobs and their only income. It has been a shocking story that has been revealed to us daily. But the harsh truth is that sun still rises each day following tragedy and we all have a choice; how do I respond to today? You can choose to be defeated or you can choose to fight back and to take control. Once I realised that this was in my control, and that I wasn’t just at the mercy of circumstance, it was life changing for me.

I lost my job during COVID-19. It wasn’t a job that I felt fulfilled in or valued by my line management; but it paid the bills and I worked with some amazing people. But a restructuring due to the pandemic meant that I lost the salary that our family relied upon. My husband couldn’t work due to the devastation caused to the travel industry by Covid and overnight our home finances were destroyed.

I chose to take this as a positive! (yes, I know; stay with me) I could choose to make our future the one I had always wanted but never been able to build as I had been so busy surviving to earn a salary to pay the bills. I chose not to be defeated but to fight back with positivity.

I worked with some fantastic, highly skilled people who were also affected by the redundancies and I invited a couple of incredibly special individuals for a coffee and a chat. That chat turned into a discussion about the future and together we were able to bring together some great ideas into a business plan. Over a few weeks there was an exciting future that we could describe and feel and The LaunchBox was born.

Every day became exciting as we designed how we wanted to help people who had lost their jobs through the pandemic. We had the dream team of skills between us and knew we could make a huge difference to people who wanted to set up a new business and help them to market their products or services quickly and without wasting their hard earned and precious money. Every conversation we had was inspiring, it was a pleasure to work on a project with likeminded, amazing people and it felt like we were building a future built on trust, respect, fun and delivering excellence.

Now it is not just every day, but every moment that builds our future. We get to choose how we respond to our challenges and the opportunities we face; we have complete belief in our future and those of our clients and the communities that we are building. We are already achieving amazing things for the people who choose to work with us and I am so proud of the services we provide; making a huge difference to people who need help and value what we do.

So now I take every moment as one offering me personal choice; to choose to be positive and to be empowered to be successful; and to share this approach with our clients and make them amazing too.

I love my new life that was borne from a horrible place; and every moment brings me a choice about how to react to circumstances and opportunities. And that is an enormously powerful way to look at the world.

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