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our ethos & values


We are an independent and experienced team of multi-channel marketing and communications consultants who are committed and passionate about achieving excellent results for our clients. We provide a wide range of marketing communications expertise which covers everything from digital communications and marketing strategies through to reputation management, media relations and customer journeys.  

We say it as it is – we are straight talking and pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to meet their business objectives. 

We have complementary skills across the full marketing mix and between us we have over 50 years’ experience (we look pretty good for our ages too even if we do say so ourselves).


Our values form the foundation for how we work and what we stand for. And because we’re a creative bunch and like lots of integration and synergy, it will probably come as no surprise that in true marketing cliché style, we’ve aligned our values to the acronym of our company name, The LaunchBox (TLB).  


In a nutshell we are determined and committed to getting the best outcomes for our clients. We will constructively challenge you to push your boundaries and we expect you to challenge us right back – in doing so we can achieve great things. Sometimes it is the smallest of tweaks that can lead to the biggest wins and other times it’s about making big changes to achieve your goals; either way we’re committed to taking you on a transformational marketing journey that gets you exactly where you deserve to be. 


We're not a ’them and us’ hierarchical type of consultancy. When you become a client you become part of our TLB family and we’ll listen and learn together. Listening is a skill that is vastly underrated and is just as important as talking in the communications process. Listening leads to better understanding and ultimately better outcomes for everyone. This is why there will be key moments in our client relationship where the floor will firmly be yours as we listen and absorb your world, so we can properly understand your challenges and opportunities and help you make the right decisions. 


We are committed to making balanced and informed decisions in partnership with our clients – it’s all about collaboration for us. But balance also extends to striking a balance between work and life too. We are dedicated as Directors to ensuring we balance life and work commitments so we can remain mentally and physically ‘on fire’ for our clients - and we work with our clients to achieve that too. So, there will be planned times when we’ll down tools and take a yoga class, go for a run or take Indie for a walk, because we know that in doing so, we’ll be able to continue to give you the very best of us.  

If you would like further information on The Launchbox please use the Contact Us link below or explore the services we offer.





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