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Market research and Marketing Strategy

marketing consultancy

Through our collaborative workshops, either face-to-face (when it’s safe to do so) or virtual, we will help get under the skin of your business/organisation to analyse and research, constructively critique, generate ideas and build your marketing strategy. 


Knowing who your audiences are and defining your ‘market’ including competitors and the environment in which you operate, is critical in helping to set the right foundations for the development of a successful marketing strategy which is effectively your business roadmap.  


Through the workshop we will work with you to understand and interrogate your goals, target audiences, competitive landscape, KPI’s, your brand and channels and from there the right tactical plans can be developed, launched and optimised. 

Our Range of Services

  • Stakeholder & audience audit 

  • Development of audience strategy 

  • Brand audit

  • Competitor audit

  • Audience and brand research

  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning support

  • Market research

  • Competitor mapping

  • Message testing


Use the Contact Us link below to get in touch, or go back to Our Services page to explore more ways we can help you.





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