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customer acquisition & dynamic journeys

driving engagement with your brand

Automated customer journeys can be very effective if used correctly. We have clients who manage their full customer lifecycle through automated communications and we can help you to do the same.


Tailor-made communication journeys drive engagement and income.  Great bespoke journeys can seriously improve the performance of your marketing and drive awareness, engagement and ultimately income to your business.  At The LaunchBox we have oodles of experience of designing and building automated customer journeys that deliver lower cost, high impact campaigns and results.   

Automated customer journeys have evolved significantly over the last couple of years and now some businesses run virtually all of their sales and engagement communications through automation platforms.

This gives them the time they need to do the work that pays the bills whilst customers and clients are being looked after and supported to receive the right types of communications and information based on their preferences in a positive and effective way.  


Research shows that regular dialogue builds great relationships with brands and this ultimately will mean more engagement and sales for your business. 


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